iNVU 90128 M1 FT

128-channel ultra-intelligent digital video recorder

Artificial intelligence, built-in face recognition and 128 IP channels. It's the evolution of your CCTV system.
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High performance with just one device

Allows the installation of up to 128 channels simultaneously. Economical, uses only one device for monitoring large security projects.

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Maximum capacity

With capacity for 8 HDs of up to 16 TB each, it has increased image storage and support for video files.

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Advanced intelligence system

NVR video analysis, face recognition, license plate reading, people counting and heat map support¹ with IP technology.

¹ Check the manual for compatible camera models.

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Forensic search

It is possible to perform a forensic search, using a photo or selecting characteristics (age, gender, beard, glasses, color and types of clothing).

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Storage technology

It uses less bandwidth and less space, generating more savings for image storage through compatibility with H.265+ technology.