SG 2404 MR

24 port Gigabit Ethernet Manageable Switch

The SG 2404 MR offers a variety of management features that give the professional greater control over the network, with high performance.

SG 2404 MR offers many management features that provide professionals greater control over the network, with high performance and stability. Web GUI interface makes it easy to set it up, which can also be done via command line console port (CLI). With SG 2404 MR you can monitor devices connected via SNMP protocol for greater security and control of network devices, as well as create Quality of Service (QoS) rules to ensure packet traffic quality by prioritizing data applications,voice, video and bandwidth control.

The switch can also create Access Control Lists (ACLs) to filter out unwanted content on the network, and even allows segmentation of the network into up to 4,000 subnets (VLANs). These and other functions provide greater operation reliability and maximization of network uptime.