iMHDX 3132

32-Channel intelligent digital video recorder

Developed for small and medium-sized CCTV projects, with artificial intelligence and built-in face recognition.
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Face recognition in real-time

Developed for Brazilian physiognomy, the technology identifies any person in the environment and recognizes the faces¹ registered in the recorder.

¹ Check the manual and the camera models available with the Face Detection function.

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High resolution for the best projects

See every detail of the scene with high image resolution. The iMHDX 3132 allows you to view and record in up to 5MP Lite.

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Intelligent detection

The model features artificial intelligence capable of intelligent detection² of people and vehicles, adding assertiveness to the CCTV system.

² Check the manual for compatible camera models

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High-tech for file storage

The model uses H.265+ technology, which consumes less data in image traffic and less space, ensuring more efficient storage.

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The largest storage capacity on the market

With a capacity for up to 02 HDs, the iMHDX 3132 has the largest image storage and video file support.