iMHDX 3032

32 channels intelligent digital video recorder

A breakthrough in CCTV systems, the iMHDX 3032 - Multi HD® has artificial intelligence and embedded facial recognition
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Artificial Intelligence

The iMHDX 3032 accurately detects people and vehicles. This is because it is a high standard CCTV system.

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Embedded facial recognition

It has a high rate of assertiveness when comparing faces detected with images saved in the DVR database.

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Video intelligence

Virtual line and virtual fence functions: more precision and security. Just choose areas / lines to detect movements, which trigger an alarm on the screen.

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More image quality, less network traffic

The H.265 + video compression technology provides high resolution in images and transmission of data and video in high compression, without weighing down the network.

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Maximum resolution on all channels

Supports up to 2 HD. See the Storage Capacity and Hard Drive Compatibility List in the Download Files.