XTR 1004

4-button remote control

The XTR 1004 is a 4-button anti-cloning control designed to open a garage in condominiums that have the SCA 1000.

SCA 1000: your condo under control

The SCA 1000 access control system manages the entire flow of people and vehicles through passwords, tag readers, remote control or biometrics.

Intelligent IP Intercom exchange Module

The MIP 1000 IP performs all the work of controlling and registering the access of residents to the condominium.

Anti-cloning garage control

The access control system for condominiums has the XTR control line, with anti-cloning technology and panic function.

Garage access control by vehicle antenna

Ideal for condos with a high flow rate of cars. It frees access quickly and safely the moment the car approaches the garage.

Intercom exchange integration

With the integration, it is possible to unify all the communication functions of the system with the security of the SCA 1000 access control records.

Where can it be used?