GX 3000

5G Router

Elegance and power combined! Connectivity through a high-technology and high-performance 5G network, capable of being used for different needs and environments.

Complete for your needs*

The Qi5 line offers the multifunctional GX 3000 router, capable of delivering ultra broadband on the 5G/4G network, Voice service, and Wi-Fi 6, with a great performance at high speed.

* Provided that the user has the service operator’s services contracted and 5G signal coverage availability on site.

Qualcomm Technology

The Qi5 line offers Qualcomm technology products for both the 5G modem and the Wi-Fi 6 solution. The use of advanced wireless technologies ensures high performance and high reliability.

Technology, power, and performance

The perfect combination to provide productivity and great experiences. The ideal connectivity for any environment, whether in the office or at home, bringing performance in style and a smarter home for the whole family.

More connected devices

The GX 3000 supports up to 128 simultaneously connected devices on the Wi-Fi network, in addition to providing support for wired network connections such as computers, laptops and others.

Extend your Wi-Fi coverage*

You can also purchase other Qi5 products to extend your Wi-Fi reach. Each Wi-Fi 6 router extends coverage up to 300 m² and we recommend using up to 6 routers on the same network.

* Depending on features such as installation location and nearby interference may interfere with signal range.

** IH 3000 is a Wi-Fi 6 router from the Qi5 line. With it, you can extend Wi-Fi 6 signal coverage at your location. Item sold separately.

Mesh Network

The GX 3000 offers you Mesh technology, which allows 2 or more routers (allowing up to 6) to form a single network, increasing the Wi-Fi network’s coverage and flexibility. Your device automatically connects as you move around your home or office, creating a great Wi-Fi access experience.


In addition to having an on-premises management system, connectivity service providers, such as Broadband Internet, can configure and manage the GX 3000 remotely through the TR-069 management protocol.

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