iNVD 9064 FTU

64 channel network smart digital video recorder

It's 64 IP channels, artificial intelligence and embedded facial recognition. It is the evolution of your CCTV system.
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Advanced facial identification

Instantaneous comparison of faces with images saved in the database. Even more facial recognition options with face detection cameras¹.

¹View the manual and available camera models with Face Detection.

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More convenience and less complexity

Allows installation of up to 64 channels simultaneously. It is more economical with the use of only one device for large areas.

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Advanced Intelligence System

In addition to the video analytics made by NVR, it is possible to perform board reading, people counting, and heat map¹ using IP technology.

¹View the compatible camera models in the manual.

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Portrait inspection

Perform searches using a photo as a reference or selecting specific characteristics: age, gender, beard, glasses, color and types of clothing.

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Storage Technology

It uses less bandwidth and less space, generating more savings for image storage through compatibility with H.265+ technology.