MHDX 1208

8-channel smart video recorder

The MHDX 1208 features Smart Motion Detection as well as audio and video encryption and H.265+ video compression.
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Smart motion detection

Technology that identifies people or vehicles, providing optimization of storage space and ease of searching for data in recordings.

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Technology as an ally

H.265+ video compression allows the visualization of images in high resolution, without generating high data flow on the network and optimizing hard disk space.

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Largest storage capacity on the market

Compatible with hard drives from the WD Purple line, specially designed for CCTV, with a large storage capacity, so you don't miss a thing.

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Suitable for LGPD standards

To keep all your data safe, the MHDX 1208 recorder has audio and video encryption that meets the most advanced market standards.

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Monitor from wherever you are

Access the recorder images through your computer, tablet or smartphone quickly and conveniently. Discover our software and applications.