EF 1201L

AC/DC power supply 12.8V 1A

The EF 1201L is a power supply manufactured in Brazil, ideal for powering routers, access control equipment, security and LED lighting.

Ideal for multiple applications

It can be used to power 12 Vdc devices with consumption of up to 1 A in scenarios of networks, access controls, security, automation and LED lighting.

Full protection against short circuit and overload

Prevents damage, protects against power surges and has a filter against noise and interference, providing image quality.

Quality energy

The EF 1201L is prepared for installations with a long cable distance between the power supply and the equipment. It is designed to deliver a voltage of 12.8 Vdc, in which the additional 0.8 V serves to compensate for the voltage loss that occurs in the path of the electric current through the cable.

2-year warranty even with the P4 connector cut

Ideally shaped for a power strip, it is compact, easy to handle and comes with a P4 type output.

Where can it be used?