XBP 502A

Balun com alimentação de 1 canal

Developed for use in alarm plants, the XB 12AL ensures the operation of equipment even when there is a power outage.


XBP 502A

XBP 502A Balun conducts power¹  and video signal to cameras over distances up to 984,25 ft via UTP cable CAT5 and / or CAT6². It is sold in pairs, the male to be installed next to the camera and the female next to the power supply. In addition, the model is compatible with traditional analog technology and HD 720p.

¹ Balun must be powered by an external source (purchased separately).
² Connection distance may vary depending on camera consumption and UTP cable quality. 

XBP 502A

XBP 502A allows power supplyt installation to be close to the DVR, allowing video and power signal transmission through a single UTP cable - eliminating the use of coaxial cable - ensuring cost and space savings cabling.

XBP 502A

XBP 502A has LED indicating power and protection, filter against noise and interference, protection against surges and overload through PTC fuse. ; It meets structured cabling standards, ensuring more organization, ease and security in CCTV installations via UTP cable.