FD 3000

Built-in digital lock

Quality, practicality, modernity and touch screen panel with internal security lock, which increases environmental protection.

No more worrying about carrying or searching for your keys

The FD 3000 offers 2 access options: 9 passwords (1 for the administrator, 4 for visitors and 4 for daily use) and 100 proximity tags.

More safety for children

With the Safety Lock function, it is possible to lock the handle from the inside to prevent children from leaving without permission.

Design and quality with more versatility

The FD 3000 has a reversible handle, which makes installation easier and allows it to be installed on doors that open to the left or right.

Safe, durable, economical and battery

The FD 3000 is not connected to electrical power and works with 4 AA alkaline batteries, with an average duration of 1 year.

Where can it be used?