NVD 3316-P

Digital Network Video Recorder

The NVD 3316-P is a video recorder for up to 16 cameras specially designed for IP security projects.
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3000 series: robustness

Recognized for its reliability, the 3000 series guarantees safety and robustness with equipment that delivers extremely high image quality.

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16 PoE+ ports

Its 16 PoE+ ports transmit power to cameras, simplifying installation and decreasing infrastructure investments.

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Extremely high resolution for the best projects

The NVD 3316-P supports cameras with 4K imaging¹, the most sophisticated resolution technology, ensuring the highest quality for large projects.

¹ See manual for compatibility information.

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Maximum capacity

With capacity for 2 HDs, it has greater image storage and support for video files.

Note: For better operation of the NVR, we recommend the use of WD Purple™ HDs.

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Automatic recognition

The NVD 3316-P automatically recognizes Intelbras IP cameras installed on the network, being compatible with Intelbras Cloud and Intelbras DDNS.