NVD 1432

Digital recorder 32 IP channels

Cost-effective, the 1000 Series NVD features 32 IP channels and supports 4K resolution with H.265+ video compression.
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32-channel IP recorder for best value

The NVD 1432 has an affordable cost in relation to the market. Still, the model offers the highest quality to record the images of 4K cameras.

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Automatic recognition and ease of installation

Easy to install, the model automatically recognizes the IP cameras installed on the network. In addition, it is compatible with Intelbras Cloud and Intelbras DDNS.

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Compatible with H.265+ and H.265 technologies

The NVD 1432 is compatible with H.265+ and H.265 technologies, features that make you consume less bandwidth and save storage space.

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Maximum storage capacity

With capacity for two SATA HDs¹, the NVD 1432 presents greater capacity for storing images and video files.

¹ It is recommended to use WD Purple™ HDs, models specially designed for robust storage in electronic security projects.

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Model compliant with LGPD standards

To ensure more data security: the model has optimized audio and video encryption to the most advanced market standards.