CD 730

Digital TV converter and recorder

Digital quality picture and sound, regardless of the TV model.

Practical installation

With the manual that comes with the converter, installation is extremely practical. Plus, with the LED display, you always know what channel your TV is tuned to.

Have fun with photos and videos

USB input available on the converter, so you can play your photos and videos with external HD or pendrive.

Free of interference

Thanks to the 4G filter in the digital converter, possible 4G interferences in the TV signal are reduced.

Compatible with older TVs

In addition to the HDMI input, the device has an AV input and cable, making the solution compatible with older TV models, such as LED, LCD, plasma and tube TVs.

Features to make things easier

You can program the device to record your favorite shows on a pendrive or external HD. In addition, it also has the function to block shows according to age groups.