Remote gate

With remote gate, you control accesses in distance, through a monitoring company, either person or vehicles, optimizing costs for condos and also automate devices, such as lamps, scheduling date and hour to turn on and off.

IP video system

Receive on your apartment audio and video messages, from who was at the condo in your absence, receive your visits everywhere you are by the smartphone and monitor the cameras directly on video intercom.

Access control system

Have detailed records and manage the whole flow of people and cars by identification devices with ultimate technology.

Communication centrals

Gate centrals offering easy features, such as direct communication between apartments or between apartment and electronic intercom on street, identification of apartment extension line, hazing catcher, call transference, follow me, do not disturb, among other resources.


Condominium electronic gates from the already celebrated line XPE allow communication to apartment, sentry box or remote gate company quickly and with quality audio. The line has models with RFID reader, password access, interlocking function and much more. Beyond practical installation, quality and safety of Intelbras brand.


Specially developed for users of Intelbras’ gate centrals, the design of terminals is audacious, easy to install and clean, and colors matching multiple environments.


O Collective é uma solução de porteiro eletrônico e central de interfonia que torna a rotina do condomínio muito mais prática e segura.