SS 3540 MF Face EX

Facial Access Controller

Much more technology in your access with quick and accurate face recognition.
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Ideal for outdoor use

The SS 3540 MF Face EX can be installed in places that are exposed to rain, sun, or dust, making it ideal for open environments.

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Anti fake

The SS 3540 MF Face EX has technology that compares the depth of the face, making it impossible to use photos and videos to deceive the system.

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Visible Light Technology

The controller does not need any other light sources, besides natural light, to do a good face reading.

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Fast reading

It has a higher reading speed thanks to a powerful hardware and embedded algorithm. It has a speed of 0.3s per face.

SIP Technology

Entrance audiovisual communication is easier with the SIP protocol, utilize the controller as a video doorman with face recognition.