AP 1250 AC Max

High-powered dual band AC Access Point

The AP1250 AC Max is a corporate access point that offers high-performance Wi-Fi connection for businesses, hotels, and events.
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High coverage corporate network

Wide Wi-Fi signal range with up to 450 m² coverage.

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Professional Wi-Fi with increased capacity and speed

Due to its high capacity, the AP 1250 AC Max supports up to 350 connected users with stability and speed of up to 1200 Mbps*.

*Effective speed may vary depending on the environment, installation and technology used.

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Improved experience through differentiating features

Mu-MiMo, Beamforming and Fast Roaming features that offer greater network quality and performance.

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Seamless browsing through Handover technology

Through Handover technology, the user can browse the internet with fewer interruptions and increased flexibility, moving from one AP to another without experiencing connection loss.

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Wi-Fi Marketing for your business

Businesses can promote ads and offers on devices connected to your network.