AP 1350 AC-S

High-speed dual band AC Access Point

The AP 1350 AC-S is a long-range corporate access point providing high-performance Wi-Fi connection, ideal for large companies and events.
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High speed for corporate networks

The AP 1350 AC-S provides Wi-Fi speeds of up to 1350 Mbps for connected customers, speeding up businesses’ processes.

*Effective speed may vary according to the environment, installation and technology used.

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Professional Wi-Fi with greater capacity and speed

Due to its great capacity, the AP 1350 AC-S supports up to 350 connected users providing stability, security, and long-range Wi-Fi.

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Seamless browsing with Handover technology

Thanks to its technology, users can browse and perform tasks free of interruptions and with the flexibility to move from one AP to another without experiencing connection loss.

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Wi-Fi Marketing for your business

Establishments can advertise and display promotions through network connected devices.

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Wi-Fi control in the palm of your hands

Intelbras’ Connectfi App allows for greater network control, with accurate and up-to-date information about the network’s connected customers.