UnniTI 1000

Hybrid telephone exchange

An efficient, high capacity extension solution that integrates voice and data networks and facilitates calls with VoIP technology.

More quality and ease of communication

A product that brings together Intelbras' design, warranty, support and technology to improve communication between companies, customers and branches.

Smart, simplified and cost-free communication

The UnniTI 1000 exchange comes fully prepared for the optimal use of VoIP technology, improving the internet communication between the headquarters and the branch.

Web manager with responsive interface

Compatible with all major browsers, the UnniTI 1000 has great usability and can be managed by multiple mobile devices.

Multi-level DISA

This feature allows programming the time of automatic service through menus and submenus, offering convenience and versatility.

Where can it be used?

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  • Ficha Técnica
    Ficha técnica - UnniTI 100026/05/2021