MVD 5404 GW

iFleet line vehicular recorder

Vehicular DVR with four Multi HD video channels, plus four IP channels, with the possibility of Wi-Fi and 4G connections.
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Embedded video intelligence

The recorder has Hotspot function and a Wi-Fi and 4G module, among other technologies that withstand the bumps of the roads and Brazil's climate.

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High definition for quality images

Easy to install, the model features a high-performance processor capable of recording up to Full HD on analog channels and up to 5 MP on IP channels.

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Video display and tracking

Moovsec software enables video and alarm monitoring, backup of recordings, tracking, fleet reporting, and white labeling.

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Storage of up to 2 TB

High capacity for file storage, supporting a hard disk of up to 2 TB and an SD card of up to 256 GB.

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Benefits for all sectors

Useful in several sectors, for example, hazardous cargo, passenger transport, fuel, oil, gas, and construction, among others.