MVD 1404

iFleet Pro line vehicular recorder

Vehicular recorder with 4 Multi HD channels plus 1 IP channel and software for controlling and viewing fleet images
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Your fleet management smarter and more connected

Video recorder with 4 channels, embedded video intelligence, and software to control and visualize the images of your fleet.

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High definition for quality images

With a high-performance processor, it records in analog and HD (1080p) resolutions on all 4 channels and is easy to install and simple to maintain.

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High-performance tracking and visualization

Moovsec software enables video and alarm monitoring, backup of recordings, tracking, fleet reporting, integrations, and white labeling.

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Storage up to 512GB

Two SD card slots for up to 256 GB¹ provide the capacity and protection needed to avoid losing files due to jolts and vibrations.

¹ Products sold separately.

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Benefit for all sectors

The MVD 1404 meets the needs of different sectors, from hazardous cargo and logistics sector to passenger transport and many others.