Infrared barrier sensor active eight beams

Allows greater security to the most varied environments. For applications in indoor, semi-open and outdoor areas

More security for your environment

With a virtual fence up to 100 meters long, it offers complete perimeter protection.

For indoor, semi-open and outdoor environments

Due to its advanced technology and IP65 degree of protection, the sensor is suitable for various climatic conditions, preventing unwanted triggers from occurring.

More agility and practicality

Practical and agile, the sensors of the IVA 7100 line offer easier installation with sound alignment signaling.

Safe and interference-free protection between sensors

With 2 frequency levels, configure the sensor pairs for different needs, avoiding the occurrence of interference in operation.

Interrupted shooting with two adjacent beams

With a larger number of beams, it avoids accidental triggers with birds and small animals.

* Consult manual for more details.

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    User Manual - IVA 7100 Dual, Quad, Hexa and Octa24/03/2021
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    Best Practice Booklet18/10/2021