IVP 7001 MW EX

Infrared motion sensor with triple technology

Ideal for use outdoors. With advanced technology, it offers efficient detection and prevents accidental triggering.
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Triple technology sensor

Developed with triple technology (pyrosensor, microwave and Pet Immunity), it detects threats through heat variation and mass movement.

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Protection for your PET

With PET Immunity technology up to 20 kg, your animals can move smoothly in the environment.

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Allows installation in different environments

It is suitable for various climatic conditions, providing precise protection in indoor and outdoor areas.

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More security for your environment

With a coverage angle of 110 ° and a range of 12 meters, it offers complete and efficient perimeter security.

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Easy installation

With articulated support and LED trigger signaling, it is possible to tilt and rotate the sensor, defining the ideal positioning.

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