Intelbras collaborates for a better future with innovative solutions and technologies transforming the mode how people communicate, connect and protect themselves, creating value and opportunities to our customers, collaborators and partners


- Simplicity
- Safety in business
- Quality
- Productivity
- Happy company
- Participative management
- Ethics
- Respect by human being
- Transparency


Quality, Environment, Safety and Healt at Work Policies

Intelbras is a company of products and services of solutions for electronic safety, communication, energy and related technologies, focused on corporate and residential ambients, which is engaged to quality and environment, safety and health at workplace of all employees, by the following:

- Continuous improvement: evolution of organization results by programs and practices aiming improvement of processes, products and services, and workplace to accomplish expectations of the interested parts.

- Accomplishment to applicable legal requirements: fulfill law in force applicable to the processes, products and services, and workplace.

- Environment protection: increase the environmental performance with practices aiming pollution prevention, such as selective collection of residues, treatment of effluents, and control environmental aspects and impacts.

- Health and Safety at work compliance: commited to maintaining a safe working environment, removing and/or minimizing significant occupational hazards, accidents, injuries, occupational diseases, by providing safety wiorking conditions and by promotting health lifestyle to all employees.



Participative administration is fundamental for company success and to people working in it become enhanced.

Code of ethics, conduct and conformity

All our actions are guided by the Code of Ethics, Conduct and Conformity of Intelbras, making clear our organizational culture and relationship attitude with customers, collaborators, suppliers, competitors, governments or shareholders.

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