Intelbras S.I.M. Next (Windows)

Intelligent Monitoring System

The Intelligent Monitoring System is a free software for image monitoring, compatible with Intelbras CCTV equipment.
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Intelbras S.I.M Next is compatible with Microsoft Windows® 10 operating system (requires .Net Framework 4.8)

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Manage everything through S.I.M Next

Remotely make settings and backups, create device lists, and perform local recording.

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High capacity

Capacity for more than 100 devices, including DVRs, NVRs and Intelbras IP cameras.¹

¹ Variable capacity according to network conditions, operating system and customer terminal settings.

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Viewing the images

Supports 4 viewing screens, with up to 64 cameras each.²

² Each monitor must be connected directly to an output of the computer's graphics card.

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Integration with Intelbras Cloud

Use your Intelbras Cloud account to migrate your already registered devices and monitor them anywhere in the world.