S.I.M Next

Intelligent Monitoring System

S.I.M Next is a free software for monitoring images, compatible with Intelbras CCTV equipment.
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Intelbras S.I.M Next is compatible¹ with Microsoft Windows® 10 and Microsoft Windows® 11 operating systems.

¹ Requires .Net Framework 4.8

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Multiple devices on just one interface

The software integrates and manages multiple devices² and monitors the artificial intelligence present in the cameras and recorders.

² The interface can support more than 100 devices, including recorders and IP cameras. Capacity varies depending on network conditions, operating system, and the terminal´s settings.

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Agility in the visualization of images

Connect³ multiple devices with just one software and add images distributed over multiple monitors to your personal computer.

³ Each monitor must be connected directly to an output on the computer's video card.

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Intelbras Account: what you need in a single place

Intelbras accounts required to connect devices using the Intelbras Cloud connection method. *Compatible with Windows 10 or higher.

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Agile and connected monitoring

Send videos directly to social media and have simultaneous access without consuming additional recorder resources or overloading the network.