XNB 1440 VA BI+

Interactive backup bivolt long backup

The XNB 1440 VA BI + has a cable for an external battery, does not come with an internal battery, and serves projects with great autonomy.

More protection for your equipment

There are 6 levels of protection that provide more safety to the equipment, protecting it against oscillations and failures in the electrical network.

Performance in the right measure

XNB 1440 VA BI+ is ideal for scenarios that require great autonomy, such as CCTV, POS, telephony, access control and computers.

Expansion for external battery

XNB 1440 VA BI+ has an integrated cable for connecting 1 external 12 V battery, allowing you to extend its operating time.

Automatic bivolt

With automatic bivolt input, XNB VA 1440 BI + adapts immediately to the mains voltage. It offers 6 plugs with 120 V output.

Where can it be used?