SG 2404D MR L2+

Managed Switch - 24-Port Gigabit Ethernet

The SG 2404D MR L2+ is a switch with several management capabilities, offering high performance and control over the network.

Easy management

The SG 2404D MR L2+ has 24 Gigabit Ethernet ports with multiple management capabilities provides the professional with greater control over the network, a high performance and stability.

Monitoring protocol

With the SNMP protocol of SG 2404D MR L2+, you can monitor the switch capabilities for greater control over your network.

Static routing

With routing directly on the switch, packet forwarding between different networks occurs faster, without the need to upload the network router, thus avoiding unnecessary traffic.

Works in hybrid networks with Giga and SFP ports

The device works in hybrid networks and enables data cascading at speeds exceeding 100 Mbps.

Where can it be used?