Intelbras iSIC Lite

Monitoring Application

With Intelbras iSIC LITE you access camera images in a practical and fast way.

isic light



With Intelbras iSIC LITE, you can access camera images in a practical and fast way. It was developed to be a lighter version for those who want to save on internet consumption. It allows you to view cameras simultaneously and preview up to 256 (depending on the user's device).



Monitor from wherever you are


Access and monitor images of your home or business remotely, via smartphone or tablet. 



Monitor in real time (live)


The application allows you to monitor up to 16 cameras with images transmitted in real time quickly, simply and easily. 
Intelbras iSIC Lite was designed to prioritize image quality.



Preview and reproduction 


With new Intelbras iSIC LITE, it is possible to view or reproduce up to four cameras at the same time.
The timeline has become easier and more intuitive, you can now quickly find the desired period in a recording.



Quick access with Intelbras Cloud


TIntelbras Cloud has a funscion that enables adding a DVR/NVR/IP camera in a simple way, without needing to configurate the router. The user can register by reading device's QR code. 



Frequent updates


Technology advances very fast and with Intelbras iSIC LITE you are not left behind. New functions and facilities will be made available frequently.