VHD 1120 D G7

Multi HD camera with infrared

The VHD 1120 D G7 has a 109° angle, which ensures a wider image aperture for monitoring wide areas.
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Multiple features with the OSD Menu

From the DVR itself via coaxial cable you can access the OSD menu to make settings, as well as fine-tune the images, improving performance according to the installation scenario.

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Wide angle of view

With an aperture angle of 109°, it is able to adapt to various environments, ensuring a greater image aperture for monitoring large areas.

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View details with HD images

The VHD 1120 D G7 VHD camera features HD (720p) images and a simplified installation and takes advantage of existing analog system structures.

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See in total darkness: IR range

With infrared, the camera reaches a distance of up to 20 meters in the dark, and can be used in environments with little or no light.

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More protection, more durability

The camera has an additional surge protection circuit and a plastic case with anti-UV protection.