VHD 3230 B G6

Multi HD Infrared Camera

Great cost-benefit for robust projects, due to the metallic finish of the camera and images in Full HD (1080p).

Multi-resources with the OSD Menu

With the DVR itself via coaxial cable, it is possible to make fine configurations and adjustments to the images in any installation scenario.

More details with Full HD images

The camera has Full HD 1080p resolution, which provides sharper and more detailed images - ideal solution for more robust projects.

Expanding your vision

It has a sensor with 1 / 2.8 ”, 2 megapixel CMOS and 3.6 mm lens, capable of monitoring large environments, ensuring greater quality and aperture in the image.

See in total darkness: IR range

With the infrared, the camera reaches a distance of up to 30 meters in the dark, and can be used in environments with little or no light.

More protection, more durability

It has additional circuit for protection against voltage surges and metal case with IP67 protection, for installations in indoor and outdoor environments.