A line of racks for every need

La más flexible del mercado, en versiones montadas y desmontadas, perfecta para todo tipo de proyectos: seguridad, redes y comunicación entre otros.

Wall Racks

In assembled and disassembled versions, they are ideal for small network, CCTV, and telecom projects. Installed on the wall, they do not occupy any useful areas.

Floor Racks

Detachable and easy to assemble. Ideal for medium and large projects that use a lot of equipment, demand space and organization.

Rack Accessories

They increase the effectiveness of the installed equipment and guarantee a better organization of the CCTV, network, and communication projects' structure.

Learn how to choose the Rack

It doesn't matter whether the project is large or small: organizing equipment and cables is crucial for providing a professional, reliable, and high quality service.