Gerador padrão monofásico

On Grid 3,3 kWp and 4,95 kWp Single-phase Generators

Practical, technological and wi-fi monitoring, our generators have structure for any type of roof.

High performance in power generation

Intelbras Solar's polycrystalline module guarantees high utilization of irradiation with excellent value for money. State-of-the-art technology offers maximum performance by delivering up to + 3% more power than under favorable weather conditions.

Efficiency and protection for the generator

2 DC inputs with independent MPPTs guarantee greater efficiency in cases of partial shading, even on lower power equipment, using 2 trackers (MPPT). And String Box ESB 1106 keeps your photovoltaic system fully protected from lightning.

Structures and generators for any type of roof

Intelbras Solar has generators for main roof types, made of ceramic, metallic and fiber cement. It also has rigorously tested fastening structures designed to withstand climatic conditions on installation place.

Keeping an eye on power generation via Wi-Fi

Follow in real time, via app or web browser, the parameters of your generators as energy generated, instant power and others.

Where can it be used?