XPE 3200 IP Face

Outdoor Facial Video Intercom

An electronic intercom with high-speed facial recognition and built-in camera, perfect for condominiums, monitoring companies and remote applications such as...
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Facial recognition

Fast, practical, safe, and touchless access, reducing the risk of disease transmission. The XPE 3200 IP Face features high-precision facial recognition, ensuring much quicker access.

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IP Technology

It allows for various types of remote operations, such as: maintenance, configuration, and monitoring.

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Ideal for outdoor environments

Rain, sun, and dust resistant, XPE 3200 IP Face can be installed in open locations even without coverage.

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Up to 10,000 faces

Storage of up to 10,000 faces, ideal for condominiums of various size.

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Built-in camera for visitors

Ideal for video intercom, the XPE 3200 IP Face has an integrated camera to provide images of the visit to the resident or monitoring company when answering the call.