Passive infrared movement sensor with camera

With an integrated, high-efficiency camera, the sensor is capable of validating the shot in real time through photo-verification.
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Real-time shot identification

Through the camera the sensor records the shot and sends it to the Guardian application. Photo-checking technology immediately verifies the intrusion.

This product has encryption when transmitting personal data.

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More security for your pet

Developed with PET Immunity technology up to 20 kg, the device is capable of identifying real threats and distinguishing small animals.

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Configuration through remote software

Using the AMT Remote Mobile application, you can remotely configure sensitivity levels of the sensor adapting to the installation site.

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System 8000

The System 8000 of alarms and sensors is fully wireless and has high efficiency in communication, ensuring practicality and greater range of coverage.

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Long Range

With a transmission range of up to 600 meters, it can be applied at distant points for the positioning of the alarm center.

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