ONT WiFiber 1200R

PON LAN 2P Wi-Fi AC Optic Modem

Watch series and movies, work, and play games online using a high-performance fiber-optic Wi-Fi with Ethernet port.
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Increased speed through AC technology

Increased speed and performance for all equipment connected to the wireless network.

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Gigabit Ethernet Port

Watch movies, play games, and work online on a network with greater data traffic capacity.

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Greater management with Remotize via TR-069

With Remotize connected to a TR-069 server it is possible to remotely manage the ONT, optimizing operational costs and saving time.

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Fiber optic organization and protection

The rosette allows for an organized and clean installation, also protecting the fiber optic and the connector.

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    User´s Manual - ONT WiFiber 1200R04/06/2022
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    Ficha técnica - ONT WiFiber 1200R20/06/2022