MWL 7255

Professional monitor - Video Wall

A professional 55 ”inch monitor, Full HD, with continuous work and ultra-thin edges, for Video Wall applications.
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The best look: ultra-thin edges

The Intelbras Video Wall has an ultra-thin 3.5 mm design, providing images without breaks or frames.

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24 hours a day, 7 days a week operation

With an industrial-grade LCD panel, the MWL 7255 has high durability and performance, ensuring excellent operation for continuous work.

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Rich details with high resolution image

Explore every detail the way you need it, with 55 "inch Full HD high definition images.

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Perfect contrast and high brightness

Get more vivid and contrasting images with the high-fidelity digital processing of the MWL 7255.

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Simplified configuration

Thanks to the line of decoders from Intelbras, you can control and configure your Video Wall in a simple way.