APP Wi-Fi Control Home

Residential Router management Application

Install, configure and manage home & line routers Office Intelbras by application. Ease in palm

Control in the palm of your hand

Wi-Fi Control Home lets you control all aspects of the network through the app. The user-friendly interface makes it easy for you to set up, install and manage your router.

Compatible with Action and Mesh lines

Multiple routers, one application. Wi-Fi Control Home is compatible with ACtion (RF 1200 and RG 1200) and Wi-Fi Mesh (Twibi Giga and Twibi Fast) routers.

Parental Control

The function allows you to determine specific websites and browsing times on certain devices. Parental control is the guarantee of safety for your family.

Guest network

Create independent and time controlled networks for your visits without losing power and speed on your devices.

Where can it be used?