TH 3010 veicular

RFID Trigger Label - 900 MHz

Identify vehicles at a distance of up to 6 m and control access to condominiums and businesses in a practical and safe way

Accessing the garage has now become much more practical and safe

Install the tag inside your car and register in the security system to have a more practical and secure access control.

Identify vehicles at a distance of up to 6 meters

With a range of 6 meters, the proximity reader makes it easier to identify vehicles, without compromising safety.

Have detailed records of vehicle access to the garage

With 3010 vehicular, you control access and identify vehicles that arrive at your company or condo, with records from cars.

Efficient solution with long distance card reader

Use TH 3010 vehicle tag with long distance LE 150 EP UHF reader, which can be configured by software

Where can it be used?