IVA 9100 TRI

Sensor for wires active infrared barrier

With long range and high performance, it makes perimeter protection and dispenses with the use of multimeter, reducing installation time

Three infrared beams

With three infrared beams, IVA 9100 TRI provides greater vertical protection and reduces accidental firing.

Double-digit display for alignment

More convenience and agility in alignment, reducing installation time. Using the display, the level becomes accurate.

4 frequency channels

With four frequency channels, it is possible to perform perimeter protection or stack 4 pairs, increasing vertical protection by up to 12 beams.

Long range of protection in any installation environment

With high performance infrared and IP65 protection, it protects up to 100 meters outdoors and 200 meters indoors.

Adjustable response time in 4 levels

With 4 response time adjustments, it is possible to configure the barrier sensitivity for high speed detections or to avoid accidental firing.