Single key Electronic Intercomm for Intercomm Central Control

XPE 1001 PLUS Universal, can be used in any ANATEL standard station extension position. It has a unique design and easy installation.


XPE 1001 PLUS 

Universal, it can be used in any ANATEL standard station extension position. It has a unique design and easy installation. Ideal for direct communication with the apartment from the condo gate.

» Input for 2 pushbuttons and 2 open door sensors
Interlocking control for pedestrian entry (lock or cage)
» Tamper indicator
» Internal source Full range from 90 to 240 VAC (automatic)
» External 12 VDC source input
» Luminous keyboard
» Communication and unlocking through the apartment
» Programming up to 16 digits of prefix and concierge key
» Lock type configuration at exit 2 (AUX)
» Adjust audio volume by programming (3 levels)
» Do not miss these settings in case of power outage
» Socketed programming memory
» Simple firmware update via USB

Condo communication line
Condo Communication

Intelbras offers solutions that will meet condos security needs with quality and practicality. They are products with high technology to increase patrimony security and users tranquility.

Condo communication lineConcierge switchboard line

Intelbras concierge switchboards allow calls from 48 to 656 points within a condo. These points can make calls between them at no cost, in addition to enjoying the following facilities: extension identification to apartments, prank calls identifier, transfer, Follow me, Do not disturb, among others. Panels have very low electricity consumption, they are practical to install and easy to program.

Condominium communication line
XPE entry phone line

Electronic doormen for condos from already established XPE line allows communication with the apartment, guardhouse or remote concierge company quickly and with quality audio. The line has models with RFID reader, password access, interlock function and much more. In addition to the practicality of installation, quality and safety of Intelbras brand.

Condominium communication line
Terminal line 

Terminals were developed especially for Intelbras / Maxcom concierge panels users.They have a bold design, are easy to install, clean and their colors match different environments.


Product benefited by computer legislation.