IFR 7000+

Smart recessed lock with handle IFR 7000+

The complete version that your solution needs: release access remotely and get more convenience.

A complete solution

With the IFR 7000+ you have the complete solution for more practicality in your home: the kit comes with the smart lock and the automation hub that allows you to use the functions with an app.

Complete in everything

The IFR 7000+ has a sophisticated design and can be opened in 5 ways: password, biometrics, tag, key or Izy app.

Control user input wherever you are

The Izy app allows accessing in real time remotely or by sending a temporary password, with control of locations, times and dates of entry.

Create automation scenarios

Create activation routines and control devices such as lights, televisions and air conditioners using your lock passwords.

New easy to install mechanism

High-resistance mechanism compatible with conventional locks, standard ABNT 14913, and powered by 4 AA batteries with 10 months autonomy.

Connect up to 32 devices

With the smart automation hub you can connect your smart lock and other devices from the Izy range (up to 32 devices per hub).

Where can it be used?