ISS 1001

Smart security system

Easy to configure using the IZY app, the ISS 1001 monitors, alerts and notifies you when something unexpected occurs in your home.
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Do it all from the app

Configure and control the entire system through the IZY app. Enable, disable or check the status of the device, create automation scenarios and more.

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Monitor, receive alerts and extend your security

Add more tranquility to your day to day. Monitor your system, find out if a window or door has been left open and receive intrusion notifications.

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100 dB audible alarm

To ensure more safety, the siren generates a light and audible 100 dB warning, when necessary.

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ZigBee technology

Completely wireless, this communication technology guarantees more security, speed and low battery consumption.

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Expand your system

Add more products from the IZY line and have a solution that suits you more.