BC 500

Ultra-fast tilting gate automator

More convenience, robustness and security when opening and closing gates up to 500 kg.

Surge protector integrated in the Electronic control panel - CI 1000

The high durability and robustness of the plate reduce the likelihood of overvoltage and guarantee a longer product life.

Easy programming by LEDs, buttons and buzzer

Ensure faster installation and configuration using LEDs, buttons and buzzer.

Motor for gates up to 500 kg

It has a ½ hp motor and opening and closing capacity for gates up to 500 kg.

Drive arm size options

The BC 500 comes with two options of drive arms, 1.4 m and 2 m.

INMETRO Certification

The BC 500 operator is certified according to INMETRO ordinance 371/2009.

Where can it be used?