TX 8000

Universal transmitter

The TX 8000 universal transmitter enables the installation of wired sensors with the System 8000 via wireless communications
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Transform wired communication into wireless

Enables communication from other System 8000 devices. Ideal for barrier and external sensor installation, and wired communication technologies.

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Anitjamming protection against invasive signals

Guarantees stable communication between the transmitter and the center, eliminating interference from malicious RF signals.

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System 8000

The System 8000 of alarms and sensors is fully wireless and includes high efficiency communication, guaranteeing practicality and a greater range of coverage.

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Antiviolation cover switch

Identification of violation of the transmitter in case of vandalism, eve when the center is disarmed.

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Long range

With a transmission range up to 600 meters with the alarm center, it can be applied in distant points from the position of the center.

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