TX 8000

Universal transmitter

The TX 8000 universal transmitter enables the installation of wired sensors with the System 8000 via wireless communications

Transform wired communication into wireless

Enables communication from other System 8000 devices. Ideal for barrier and external sensor installation, and wired communication technologies.

Anitjamming protection against invasive signals

Guarantees stable communication between the transmitter and the center, eliminating interference from malicious RF signals.

System 8000

The System 8000 of alarms and sensors is fully wireless and includes high efficiency communication, guaranteeing practicality and a greater range of coverage.

Antiviolation cover switch

Identification of violation of the transmitter in case of vandalism, eve when the center is disarmed.

Long range

With a transmission range up to 600 meters with the alarm center, it can be applied in distant points from the position of the center.