Unmonitored alarm panel

Hybrid wired and wireless unmonitored alarm panel. It has cloud connection as well as application programming
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Ease of programming and registering devices

It is easy to register controls and sensors through a button on the control panel or via the AMT Remote Mobile app, where you can also configure the control panel.

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Simplicity in the palm of your hand

Via the app, it is easy to program and operate the ANM 24 NET. Thus, it is possible to turn it on or off, interact and receive status notifications in real time.

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Real-time, anywhere status tracking

The ANM 24 NET alarm control panel is the only one in the unmonitored line that allows connection and configuration by application via cloud access.

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Remote device control

Through the PGM output of the alarm control panel, it is possible to control various devices in your home or business, such as gates, lights and much more.

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Connection with ELC 3012 and ELC 3020 fences via TX 4020

Connect the TX 4020 to the ANM 24 NET PGM and the electric fence trigger output to activate and deactivate the fence and receive notifications via the app.