MHDX 3004-C

Video recorder with intelligent detection

Specially made for medium and small CCTV projects, the MHDX 3004-C features video analytics and a compact cabinet.
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Compact cabinet

The MHDX 3004-C has a smaller case and a better cost-benefit ratio while maintaining the main functions of the traditional-sized models and all the quality of the Intelbras brand.

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High resolution

The MHDX 3004-C is capable of great image quality recordings in 5M Lite or Full HD (1080p) definition on all channels.

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Video intelligence

Functions that alert when there are incidents within a delimited perimeter: virtual line, virtual fence, abandonment and removal of objects, intelligent detection of people and vehicles.

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H.265+ video compression technology

The MHDX 3004-C is compatible with H.265+ and H.265 technologies, video compression features that maintain high image quality while consuming less bandwidth and saving storage space.

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Complies with LGPD data protection regulation

To guarantee more security for your data, the model has optimized audio and video encryption to the most advanced market standards.