Wi-Force W4-300F

Wi-Fi 4 Router W4-300F

The W4-300F is the ideal router for those who need Wi-Fi for the various activities of daily life, with quality and practicality.

What you need at the palm of your hand: control everything through the Meu Wi-Fi Intelbras App

Easily manage your network, even remotely. See who is connected, how much of your internet is in use, create access filters and more.

Reliable and stable Wi-Fi

The W4-300F features Wi-Fi 4 (802.11n) technology and has 300 mega wireless speed, for connecting up to 15 * devices and covering up to 80 m² * with Wi-Fi 

* Recommended average values. Usage profile and environmental factors can affect performance

4 Fast ports for cable connections

The W4-300F has 4 Fast ports, including 1 Internet and 3 LAN to connect devices via cable, such as smart TV, computer and video game.

Compatible with Remotize

Exclusive for ISP: centralizes and makes activities such as firmware update, definition of standard configurations, visualization of router usage statistics, among others, more practical and secure.

More resources for network management

The W4-300F has functions that assist in the management of the network, such as site survey, ping, visualization of the devices connected to the network, real-time speed of internet traffic, among others.

Bandwidth control and prioritization

Easily prioritize the use of your internet bandwidth, directing or limiting speed to the devices you want.

1 GHz processor

The W4-300F has a powerful 1 GHz processor and a larger capacity memory, which gives greater performance and stability for you to browse without worries.

IPv6 with autoconfiguration

Your router is ready for the latest internet protocol, in a practical and easy way.