XAS 8000

Wireless Magnetic Opennning Sensor

The XAS 8000 is a wireless sensor for detecting the opening of doors and windows.
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Discreet environmental protection

With wireless communication, it monitors the opening 
and closing of doors and windows, identifying 
malicious violations.

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Installation in various locations

Fixed with adhesive tape or screws on glass and wooden 
doors and windows. Immune to interference by other 
radio frequency signals.

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System 8000

The System 8000 of alarms and sensors is fully
wireless and has high efficiency in communication, 
ensuring practicality and greater range of coverage.

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Anti-violation tamper switch

Identifies sensor case violation in case of 
vandalism, even when the center is 

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Long Range

Transmission range of up to 600 meters with
the alarm center, so it can be applied at distant 
points when positioning the center.

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    User guide - XAS 800021/10/2022