Wireless passive infrared motion sensor

The model stands out for its compact design, supervised wireless communication, tamper switch and Pet Immunity up to 20 kg.
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Long transmission range

The sensor can communicate with the control panel up to 400 meters without a barrier, combining safety efficiency with wireless technology.

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Supervisory function

With the Smart function enabled, it is possible to monitor the sensor battery status, even with the control panel deactivated.

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Easy Installation

With a latched closure, which makes it easy to open during installation, the sensor is available for purchase as a single unit or in sets of 5 units.

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Your pet in motion and without triggering the sensor

The Pet Immunity function allows your pet to move smoothly around the environment without causing accidental triggers.

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Maximum protection against vandalism

With the tamper switch it is possible to identify the violation of the case in case of vandalism, even when the control panel is disarmed.

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    User Manual - IVP 1000 PET SMART01/08/2022
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